beast boy bothers raven
beast boy bothers raven
I just found you blog and LOVE it! Is there any possibility you will be accepting submissions later on?

i take animal requests but no fan comic submissions as of now, and i also won’t make specific ideas into comics.

my bf really loves small pigs
here is small pig

my bf really loves small pigs

here is small pig


i'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but what other kind of art do you do? any portraits or paintings in like traditional media?

right now i do a lot of stuff for nugget bridge, most recently the logo for the dodrio cup. i don’t actually know how to use illustrator but i’m trying. SOON

and also expect something new THIS WEEKEND!!!! it’s happening!!!!

now i don’t have to answer 26 of the asks in my inbox

just posting to say hi to new friends from imgur (it’s me, mrfeather!). seems my comics are making the rounds! i’ll be on to answer all my asks later today, it’s been a while.

thank you friends

i have 10k followers over here somehow! thanks for sticking around you guys. guess who is taking a year off school? THIS GUY

does that mean BBBR will make a triumphant return? perhaps…

perhaps i am working on something right now…


Hi! I wanted to ask you if I could use one of your drawings of Raven as my avatar pic. I would credit you. You're awesome!

it’s all good if you credit :>

aahhh i just found your blog... do you still make these???

maybe later!

Apologies if this has been asked before, but do you have a shop or is there anywhere you sell your awesome little beast boy bothers raven comic on postcards or t-shirts or something?

no but i was interested in offering something like that once i start making these again (with cleaner lineart since i can actually use a tablet now). we’ll see what happens but i’m super occupied… still around, but occupied

where did you go?

to kalos